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Do you want more accurate quotes while saving 100+ hours per year? With our calculator all you have to do is enter the measurements and the number of gates and it will tell you everything you need to complete the job. It will even let you know the type of posts, the amount spent on labor, and new features will be rolled out in the future as well!


You know the saying, “It takes money to make money.” But, how much did you waste on advertising last year? We have tried pretty much every type of advertising that you can imagine and found the formula for guaranteed success.


Do you feel like you and your company are destined for greatness? Do you look at your competition and wonder why they are getting the jobs you deserve to win? I was in the same boat. My (limited)reviews were better than anyone else, my prices were usually on the lower side, and I actually did what I said I would. The problem was that I was the new guy on the block so no one heard of me. But thanks to a system that I have developed over the last few years I am now the leader in my area. Now, people will wait 2 weeks for a quote and will wait an extra month for installation because of how I marketed my company.

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