Run A Better Business

So you can spend more time enjing what matters most in your life.

A little About Me.

June 2015: Started With No Experience.

2016: $250k with a helper.

2017: $550k hired a crew, no longer installing.

2018: $1.2 million with me working 80 hour weeks.

2019: $1.4 million now only working 5 hours per week.

2020: On pace for $2 million working 5 hours per week.

2021 Goal: $4 million and finetune entire business to future proof for rapid growth.


Time To Try Something Different?

I don’t claim to know everything, but I am very good with mindset, growing rapidly, advertising, and implementing systems so you can live your best life.


Not 100% Satisfied
With Your Business?

If you’re reading this something’s not right with your business.

It could be:

Whatever the case may be, it can be fixed easily when you know how.  The “Profit Planner” shows you how.

It's one of two problems...

You either need more money, time, or both!

For years I worked 80+ hours a week and still was flat broke!

What changed?

I found out the answer was just one big equation.  If you adjust numbers over “here”, you automatically adjust the numbers over “there”.

When I first started I had used a complex set of spreadsheets that would break whenever I entered a typo.

But now I have a nifty little program that I’m working on called the “Profit Planner”

It’s not the prettiest thing in the world right now but it gets the job done.

What does it do?

It shows you how to work less and earn more.

And anyone can easily use it!

Just enter in some numbers and it does the rest.

The best part?  

It’s only $7 a month for now while I’m still building it out.  

It’s fully functional but I just need more feedback to make it even better. 

What to learn more?  Click below

Only $7 a month and will completely change the way you look at your business.

Get it today and you’ll also receive a 30 day 100% free trial.  

You do need to put in your credit card number but you cancel at any time.