Add fence company to google

Add Your Fence Company To Google

Did you know that more people use Google more than any other search engine?  

And it’s not even close!  90% of all mobile searches are done using Google.

Today’s post is about how to get you listed right away so people can start finding you instead of your competitors.

2. Login

If you don’t have a google account just sign up for one.

3. Enter your business name

4. Click yes.

You probably don’t but we have to work around this so that you will show up on google maps.

5. Enter your address.

I would not put your home address!

If you don’t have a shop then get a po box instead.

Note: Google does not accept po boxes.  

So what you need to do is put the address for the po box and then put the box number on the same line.

6. Select your business if it shows up.

If you are a new company you won’t be seen so just click “none of these”.

7. Click yes to servicing customers outside your business location.

8. Add the areas you serve.

If you are just starting out I would suggest advertising up to an hour away from your house.

When I first started I took jobs that were 90 minutes from my house.  Now that I’m established I list up to 30 minutes from our office.

9. Select fence contractor.

Just type in fence and you will see the option.

10. Enter your contact info and website.

If you don’t have a website yet click “I don’t need a website”.

11. Almost done!

Just click finish.

12. Get your postcard to verify.

For this just add your name and click mail.

Google will not list the business until you enter the secret code that is mailed to you.

13. Done!

Just click continue.

14. Edit your business info

After you click continue from step 12 you will come to this page.

Make the follow changes:

  • Info tab:
    • Adjust business hours
  • Photo tab:
    • Add any pictures you have here.

15. Enter your code.

Usually you will get the postcard within 5 days.

You’re all set!

Congratulations, you’re on the right track to getting customers from Google.

What’s next?

From here you can watch my Youtube channel or read my articles on how to improve your business.

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Joe Migrala

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