Advertising Worlds Best ATM

Advertising: World’s Best ATM

Most of us need more money right?

I personally don’t believe that money buys happiness but I do believe it makes life so much easier.

Are you just making it and stressed about money all the time?

What if I told you if you would spend more money you would make more money?

And that's what advertising will do for you.

Let’s say you’re horrible at closing and you land 10% of the people that call you.

No let’s say your google ads are on point and you’re getting leads for $20 a piece.

So that means that for every $200 you spend you will book one job.


Here's the fun part.

How much do you make for an average job?

For me I make about $1200.  

That’s after paying for concrete, labor, and gas to get to the job.

So that means for every $200 I spend I will get $1200 in return for a profit of $1,000.

Remember!  I don’t dig holes, answer the phone, go out for quotes, etc.

So all I have to do is write checks to google and I earn a nice commission.

Sounds easy enough right?

That’s because it is!


Still Installing Fences?

This will allow you to hire install crews so that they’re doing the work, and you’re collecting the money.

And after you have 2 crews running you’ll be able to afford hiring other people to do the other jobs.

That’s what I did, and that’s why I am only working 3 hours a week now.

Don’t get me wrong, I keep myself busy.

But I’m busy doing things I love instead of digging holes and tearing up my body.

Watch the video below for more information.


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Joe Migrala

Joe Migrala

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