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About Me

Personal Life


My name is Joe and I love helping others make more money and live better lives!

Right now I’m heavily into optimizing my brain and health through meditation, nutrition, vitamins and other resources.


Professional Life

I own Deptford fence in South Jersey

In less than 5 years I scaled my business from $0 to $1.4million.  Not only that, but I only work 20 minutes a day.

My core focus now is assisting other in the fence industry to live their best lives possible.


Complete Systems Approach to

Live life on your terms

Complete Systems Approach Philosophy:

After speaking to several business owners it was obvious that owners need more help than just advertising.  

After all, do you really want more calls if you’re working 60+ hours a week and haven’t spent time with your family in months?

That’s why I built this system.  I want to help you fully optimize each area of your business and life so you can make more money, work less hours, and live life on your terms.

I know this sounds crazy, but you can make $100k+ a year working less than 1 hour a day.

My 3 Tiered Approach:


Training Course

Learn step by step everything you need to do in order to maximize profits while working minimum hours.


Private Facebook Group

Connect with me and other owners with the same mindset as you.


2x Weekly Coaching Calls

This is where I’ll deep dive on 1 key strategy followed by a 1 hour Q&A session. 

Ready To Take Control?

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Who is This System for?

Anyone that:

Who is this NOT for?

Anyone that:

Want Advice?

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