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Google Ads

Can You Imagine…

Extra Customers
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Why Google Ads?

Three Reasons:

1. Everyone Uses Google

2. People who search on Google are much more likely to buy a fence than someone that sees a post on Facebook.

3.  It works better than anything else out there!

How Can Google Ads Help your business?

Compete with the big guys

I've only been in business for 5 years but am able to compete with the 30-50 year old companies just because of Google.

More Calls every single day

When you use a proven system you can generate an extra 3-10 calls a day.

Allow you to run a business

Without sales you can't hire staff. Without staff you're forced to do all the work yourself.

Enjoy a better life

When you have the staff to run your business it frees you up to do what you want to do.

How Much Does it Cost?

My fee to manage and optimize your account is $499 per month

Note: you will be responsible for your own ad spend.  Most people spend between $750 – $4,000 per month depending on needs.

Give $1 to get $5?

If there was a stock you KNEW would go up 5x every month, would you buy it?

Of course you would!  Who Wouldn’t?

That’s what Google Ads will do for your business.

By investing $2k a month you’ll add roughly 5-7 jobs.

At a profit (after materials and labor) of $1,900 per job that’s $11,400 in profit for only $2,000

How Am I Different?

Anyone can slap together an ad campaign that spends all of your money.

As a fellow fence company owner I know what it feels like to throw money in the street paying for people that promise the world, only to deliver a giant pile of dog crap.

That’s why I obsessively improve every part of your campaign every single month.

The result?  Qualified leads at a much better price.

Considering Getting Started?

Schedule a 30 minute conversation.  

Get your questions answered and decide if it’s a good fit for you.

I’m not a salesman so no selling involved.