How Much Can You Earn With A Fence Company?

It sounds cliche, but the sky is the limit!  

I personally know a few companies that are turning $500k+ in profit each year.  But I do not envy the owner at all!  I LOVE money more than anyone else I know but there is no way I would want to have 6 full time crews, 3 office staff, 2-3 quote people, etc.  

Personally, I would rather make a little less money and not be stressed out.  

My wife runs the entire business and we run 2-3 crews depending on the time of year. We will knock out about 300 full size jobs this year so we do a pretty good number of jobs.  

We’re able to stay down the shore all summer while the business pretty much runs itself.  I’m not saying all this to brag, I’m telling you this to let you know there’s hope.  Before I started fencing I was completely broke and getting more and more in the hole each month.  I had $20k in credit card debt and my bills were $500 more each month than I was making.  It was the most stressful time of my life and this lasted 10+ years. 

I was definitely the one to blame because I spent way to much money when I was younger on stuff I didn’t need.  I did work very hard for 60+ hours a week but nothing helped me out like the fence industry.

Enough about me…

For most people reading this, it’s probably safe to assume that you’re looking to make enough to quit your day job and support your family.  If that’s the case you probably need to earn between $50k-$125k a year depending on where you live and how expensive your tastes are.

I can’t promise you will be filthy rich but..

If you follow my lead then you will achieve $50k starting your 3rd season and $125k starting your 5th season.  

What about all the other companies?

In my area there are no less than 7 large companies that have been doing this for at least 15 years.  On top of that there’s so many handymen that do this as well.  If anyone’s market is saturated, mine is definitely up there.

But you know what?  They don’t answer the phone, don’t respond to emails, don’t do what they say they will, and don’t fix their errors.  If you do those four things there’s almost no way for you to fail.

Is now a good time to start?

This does take hard work but it will definitely pay off for you.  And actually I don’t think there’s a better time to be in this kind of industry.  In 10-20 years half of the current jobs will be outsourced to a cheaper country or be taken over by robots.  And again, if you do the basics you will be successful!

What if you don’t have any fence experience?

You don’t need any experience for fencing.  I learned watching like 3 videos on Youtube, this isn’t rocket science.  Dig a hole, set a post, that’s it.

What do you need to get started?

Some basic hand tools and a will to win!  

Is there any skills needed?

Not really.  If you are somewhat handy you can do this.  Remember, there’s only 3 things that you need to learn right away and they cover 90% of the business.  

  1. How to dig a hole.
  2. How to set a post
  3. How to hang a gate.
Should I wait until I am 100% ready?
No!  You will never be 100% ready, you just need to get started!

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Joe Migrala

Joe Migrala

My goal with this website is to help the fence industry run better businesses and live better lives.

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