How I Saved My Fence Company $18,000 A Year In Concrete

I just stopped using it!  

Just kidding, I really do save $18k a year and so can you (or more)

Who else wants to save $18k this year?

And this doesn’t apply to just concrete, but rather everything else you typically buy from Lowes.  And if you buy from Home Depot you may just switch after reading this.

If you’re like me you buy a ton of concrete each year.  In my case I buy 500+ tons of it each year.

So how can we save money?  I have 3 simple steps that you can do to save yourself some serious coin.  And I guess before we go further these figures are based on 2 crews using 20 bags each day.

Step1: Buy In Bulk

Instead of buying enough for 1 job, buy enough for the week or more.  In my area 80lb bags cost $4.55 each.  But if you buy 42 or more at a time the price drops down to $3.19, a 30% savings!.  Just buy doing this I save myself $14,768.  Not too shabby!

Step 2: Use Coupons

Did you know offer 10% off coupons for new movers?  Wouldn’t it be sweet if you could get an unlimited supply of coupons?  Well, you can!  I’ve found a way to get them for just a few bucks!  So now that bag is only $2.87 for another $3,536 savings!  

Click HERE to go to the website.

Step 3: Use Ebates

This one doesn’t save you a ton for fencing but you can use this for everything you buy online.  People say that sometimes they don’t get credit but I always do.  This will save you an extra 1% so if you skip this step its no big deal.  This steps saves me $299 each year.  

Voila! $18,603 saved each year!

Get The Exact Ad That Made Me $100k in 4 Years.

On Craigslist Of All Places

And it only cost me $350!

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Joe Migrala

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