How To Pick A Name For Your Fence Company

Do you feel super proud for starting a fence company and want to name it Joe’s Fence Company?  

Did you know that the name you choose could cost you an extra $10,000 in advertising each year?

Crazy Right!  I know that number sounds absurd but hear me out…

The reason is a little word called SEO.  Don’t know what that is? It OK, a lot of people don’t.

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization.  

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization

SEO determines in which order your website shows up in the search results. 

Poor SEO = lower in the search results.

What could this mean for your fence business?  There is one fence company in my area that gets 200+ visits per month to their site just based on their name.  

So what should you name your fence company?

Short Version: Read this is you just want the gist of what I’m saying.  

Pick a name that potential customers would search for.  Most people search:

  • Fence company near me
  • Fence company “city name”
  • Fence company “area” (such as county, south jersey, etc)

If you named your company Joe’s Fence Co how do you think you would show up on Google?  That’s right, you wouldn’t!  

That’s why you should pick something related to the area.  Plus, it just makes you sound more professional.


Long Version: For the people that want to really dive deep.

When you do anything related to your business you always want to think like your customer.  You want to think what they would do, say, and think.

When your customer searches on Google the typical structure is:

  • 1-3 Ads
  • Local Search Results Map (commonly called map pack)
  • Organic results


So the ads are from companies that pay to have their information showed before anything else.  

Ads also appear at the bottom of the page, which companies did pay for as well, just not as much as the top guys so they go at the bottom.  It’s more complicated than this but that deserves its own post.

Local Search Results Map:

These are the businesses closest (usually) to where you are searching.  So if you were searching in Miami for a fence company the closest ones to where you are currently searching will show up here.  

What you pick for your name typically won’t have any effect on where you show up in the map results.

Organic Results:

Organic Results are free and are what Google thinks the person wants to see first.  So if a person types in Fence Company Near Me and they are located in Miami then google will show websites based on Miami Fence Companies.  

So if you wanted to do work mostly in Miami and not Orlando you would want to pick Miami Fence Co.  You would also not want to call yourself Joe’s Fence Co because you would likely not show up at all for the customer.

How to find out what customers are searching for:

This is free for the first few uses per day and then it will ask for payment.  I wouldn’t pay for it, just do additional searches another day.

Here you want to enter the location that it will search.  I suggest using the county you are in.  

From there you would start entering keywords and see which one had the most searches each month.  

My business is located in South Jersey.  So I would use the search terms:

  • fence companies south jersey
  • fence company near deptford
  • fence company near me
  • fence company gloucester county nj

Based on these search terms fence companies south jersey shows up the most.  

So if South Jersey Fence was available I would choose that company name.

Find related searches at the bottom of Google.

Just type in each of your search terms in Google and then go to the very bottom of the page.  

This will show you search terms that people are also searching for.

Use these new search terms in kwfinder to see how they compare to the other search terms.

What to do after you find your name:

Next you want to see if the business name is available to use.  

When I get a chance I will have a link for all 50 states.  For now you will just have to search “business name availability your state”

Here’s the direct link for NJ

Have a name that’s available?

Now that you found a name that’s available you want to register with your state.

Just search “register business in your state”

Follow the steps and register your name.

Time to get on Google!

For this next part you will want to follow along to this below video.  In the very near future I will make a post on the step by step directions.

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