Why I don't Believe In Raises (1)

Why I Don’t Believe In Raises

This probably goes against all conventional thinking, but it works for me.

The reason why I don’t believe in raises if they’re doing the job, they should be getting paid top dollar from day 1.

And I guess the reason for this is my previous employers.  It seemed like every year would come around and I would get a big fat 3% raise.

I don’t know about you, but if I’m making $15 an hour and my boss tries giving me a $.45 bump, I think he’s a cheap SOB.

Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t pertain to the brand new people that are still getting trained.  For them I typically pay a set amount per day and once they’re trained they go up to their regular pay. 

The other reason for this is I want the motivated people to strive to move up.  They’ll ask what they need and typically hold themselves accountable as well.

And for the people that don’t want to move up?  Not a problem, they just keep making the same amount which is higher than any other company in the area.

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