Why You Don’t Have To Be The Best To Be Successful

Realizing this one thing has fast tracked my success more than anything else.

What’s that one thing?

When I was 32 I realized I don’t have to be great at everything in order to be successful.  

Actually, I realized I just had to be really good at one thing to be successful.

Up until that point, I thought I had to be the best at everything when it came running my business. 

I thought I had to be the best at:

  • Installing 
  • Selling 
  • Managing day to day operations
  • Customer relations
  • Advertising
But you know what?
  • I’m a really slow installer.
  • I’m not a great salesman in person or on the phone.
  • If there’s more than one thing going on I get overwhelmed.
  • I’m great at advertising online.
  • I’m great at coming up with solutions that others won’t think of.
So what did I start doing that changed everything?
I started only doing what I was great at and delegated everything else.
Luckily for me, my wife stepped in and now runs all the day to day operations.
She’s a born and bred manager where I am more of the big picture guy that needs troops to carry out my plans.  
This just left me with doing what I was really good at, which is advertising and figuring out solutions to issues.
It sounds very simple, and it is!  
You just have to put the right people in the right positions to accomplish this.
Another way to think about it whenever you are about to do something, ask yourself one question.
Can I make more money doing this task or can I make more money doing something else?  
If you can make more money doing something else hire someone else to do that task for you.
A prime example of this is mowing my lawn.  It would typically take me 45 minutes each week.  In total, 24 hours during the course of a season.
Would my time be well spent mowing the lawn or paying someone else $35?
To answer that I figure out how much I’m paying per hour for them to mow my lawn.  
You do this by amount of money divided by the minutes.  
Then take that number and multiply by 60 and that’s what you would make per hour.
So $35/45minutes = $.77min x 60min = $46.66.  
Once I figure out how much I would pay per hour I figure out how much I could make doing something else.  
So in my case I can make much more that $46 per hour working on my advertising.
If you still are mowing your lawn or doing tasks that anyone can do I would suggest looking at it this way instead.

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